“In 2012 I started studying woodworking at Capellagården on Öland. During my second year I got the idea of building my own workshop as my end year project. This was the start of Ekverkstan. I wanted to build a house using tradiotional techniques and materials. Looking at the old houses located here on Öland I quickly realized that skiftesverk or post and beam was the most common and unique building style of Öland. 

I based the design of the houses in the neighbouring villages and from ols books. I used traditional materials for everything except for the rain barrier in the roof, there I used plastic, birch bark was simply too expensive. All of the posts and beams are in oak that I got from Öland and Blekinge, roughly 37 tonnes of oak. Old mouth blown glass in the windows. Old blacksmithed nails for the floor. Linseed oil paint for doors and windows and the oak was treated with pine tar. 
It took me roughly 3000 hours in just over a year to complete the workshop. Ekverkstan.” 

Jon Arvesten